A Summary of My Year 2022

A few more hours to go and it’s already the year 2023. I honestly can’t feel excitement as I type this post. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, that’s the only time I can feel that it’s another clean slate for all of us to be filled with memories. I’ve been thinking since last night about writing a summary of my year 2022, thanks to someone who gave me an idea about what to type right now.

I came back to journaling in August this year and I kind of regret that I didn’t do it since January so I could see the changes and progress, even the failures and challenges I’ve faced this year. But to summarize it in one sentence – It’s a year full of life lessons. Why? Because I gained so many realizations this year that I would bring with me for the rest of my life. From fitness and health, career and self-improvement to relationship/friendship.

In the health aspect, I’m proud to tell you that I managed to hit the target weight I had last year. From 37 kl, I was able to make it to 42 kl. I’m just 4’11 and based on my BMI, my current weight is normal for my height. I admit I procrastinate a lot when it comes to exercising and sometimes, I don’t feel like eating on time and healthily but I always try to get back on track because completely giving up makes me feel I’m a loser.

When it comes to self-improvement, I did great! I read a lot of books this year which I haven’t done in the past. And I’m back to writing here on my blog too which I failed to be consistent doing last year. Thanks to an old friend who gave me kind words, saying that she loves the things that I write here. Sometimes, that’s what I need; a little push and words of encouragement to continue the things I do.

Have I mentioned to you my little project? If not, I started my small handmade business this year. With the help of my sister, who is also an entrepreneur, I was able to turn myself into an entrepreneur as well. I enjoy making things by sewing which I didn’t imagine I would until I bought a secondhand sewing machine with one eye open. Haha. Just kidding. I bought it because I got amazed by people who make things out of fabrics and clothing. I make handmade hair accessories these days and I just gifted some of my friends and their babies some samples. I believe that my business is going to succeed this coming new year. #manifestation101

Regarding my relationship/friendship, I would say it’s like a roller coaster ride. But I would end this year full of happiness in my heart. I’m lucky to spend my year 2022 with people who helped me to survive my insecurities and change my mindset for the better. Have a prosperous New Year, everyone!

How would you summarize your year 2022 in one sentence? Leave your comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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