How Toxic People Can Ruin Us

Being in a toxic relationship whether it’s with family members, significant others, colleagues and even friends could ruin us in so many different ways. I, myself, have been and still in this situation with a family member, specifically. It’s distressing to deal with people who don’t bring you joy and positivity every single day. And they can shatter our dreams with just one yet a heartbreaking word.

I was a kid back then when I figured out that I am in this kind of relationship with a family member. It’s difficult to ignore and avoid this person since we both live in one roof. So putting extra effort to make me in a good mood all the time is necessary. I’m not sure if you can imagine how hard it can be to be in this kind of scenario all the time. Yet, I know what I truly deserve and I choose to be happy as much as I can.  

Now, I’ll be sharing with you some insights about how toxic people could damage our well-being.

1. They tend to drag us down. 

People like them have this talent of putting us down. They say hurtful words that will lead to losing confidence in ourselves. Sharing our achievements with them makes them more irritated than glad. That’s why you can’t blame me for being choosy when it comes to people I let in in my life. We should surround ourselves with people who will fuel us with caring and loving words. People who will always remind us that life should be live happily not negatively.

2. They add up to our stress.

As much as possible, I avoid getting stress and I know, you too. Being in a toxic relationship is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. We need to watch out what kind of people we surround ourselves because they might be the main reason why we feel so exhausted. People like them give us problems in life and tend to affect us in bad ways. 

3. It makes us think pessimistically.

Each of us has our own issues in life and it will be more difficult to overcome all of it by letting negative people enter our circle. They will always have something to say that is negative about us or the way we live our life when in the first place, it’s no longer their business to deal with. If we can, try our best to avoid this kind of person.

Part of taking care of ourselves is removing toxic people from our lives. They don’t deserve our attention and time. And keeping our mind, body and soul healthy is more important than dealing with them.

Thank you so much for reading!


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