Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

I heard a lot of things in the news about how this pandemic affects people’s businesses, careers and even how children will learn without going to schools. It is very challenging for all the leaders of the countries who get affected by this virus since no expected that it’ll get worst like this.

In this post, I want to focus on discussing how this generation is coping up with what’s happening around the world. The value of education is very important in the sense that this may be their stepping stone towards being successful. I saw a couple of articles and posts online about how some kids and even their parents are struggling to get along with each countries’ strategy of learning. While others are getting ready for their online classes and jobs, others are still having difficulty producing their own computers or phones and internet connections. I want to mention those kids from secluded areas around the world who need to walk for how many kilometers just to learn when things are still normal. Now, it looks like that this pandemic makes it more difficult for them to reach for their dreams. It feels like that in just a blinked of an eye, everything is gone.

I must say that I’m grateful that I’m done with schooling and I’ve never encountered what kids are experiencing these days. But I feel sorry for them especially those who don’t know what to do in these tough times not because they can’t but because they’re not capable of doing anything. Yet, in all of these, I admit that I admire them for staying strong and being hopeful that everything will be alright.

We all go through different obstacles in life and this is one of them. The younger generation today will definitely learn so many things from what’s happening around the world. This is going to test all of us, especially today’s generation on how to stay positive when everything seems to start falling apart. This can also help them to be more independent by doing things on their own and keep their faith that this is just all temporary.

Thank you so much for reading!


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