Things I Wish They Teach In School

As I look back on my school days and see the teaching system in my country and other parts of the world, I recognize that some important things in life are not being taught in school. Most of the problems and issues that occur these days are related to people’s beliefs and mindsets. And honestly, I just learned and still learning some of these things from reading books and interacting with people in the outside world after graduating from college.

I feel a little left behind sometimes knowing that some people became successful by reading self-help books and improving themselves every single day by applying what they read. I hope I learned a couple of them when I was still in that four-corner room. When I was still molding my identity, in the process of knowing who I am. But it’s never too late. I always believe the change always starts with you, with ourselves. I hate starting my sentence with “If only” but this time it’s inevitable. If only I was aware of the existence of self-improvement books, then I may be a different person now. But there’s still no guarantee on that, I know.

Managing Money

I know how to budget money since I was in high school. I saved some of my allowances to buy chocolates on my way home every Friday. Does that sound like a good way of budgeting? How about spending my first salary treating myself with good food? No. If I had a different mentality during those times, I would save more and invest it into something that will generate more income. I know I was young back then but if only there are tricks that will surely help save money or who will guide me in handling it, I wouldn’t be broke AF.

I grew up with a business-minded mother. I can still remember how many types of businesses we have tried to become financially secure. Yet, any of it didn’t become successful because we didn’t have a supportive head of the family. I and my siblings were too young to understand the situation and all we could do was assist my mom with the business itself but not in the financial part. I don’t know how she was able to raise us properly while making money. She didn’t have the support system she needed that’s why whatever businesses we tried didn’t work out. 

At present, I’m proud to tell you that I made a huge improvement when it comes to handling money. Now that I only have a small income from our business, I know now how to manage it properly. I have money allocated for my savings, needs, a travel fund, and long and short-term investments. As well as for social pension and I’m planning to get health insurance for myself next year. I’m also thinking of other things now so I can earn more so I could put more money into all of them.

Managing Time

Is learning how to avoid procrastination and distractions being taught in school? If it is, then I must be absent at that time. I admit that I was too addicted to letting the time pass and just enjoying the moment. Back in high school, I spent my after-school days roaming around the mall or anywhere on campus, walking my way home even though I had the money for the fare. Maybe I was escaping some situations back then or people, but I could’ve used the time in reading books in the library or join educational groups or clubs in school. 

Regrets are always in the end. I advise younger people these days, you better stop wasting your time. Find something productive to do other than scrolling on your phone. Don’t be like me who now regrets wasting my time talking to people who didn’t see my value. *wink*

Self-Love and Building Confidence

In my experience, I can’t tell if that Personality Development subject taught me something about loving myself and having self-confidence. Or maybe I didn’t know how to apply it to myself since what I focused on was memorizing them so I can be ready for the final examination. I didn’t learn it by heart but only with my eyes and mind.

I used to be so insecure about myself that I didn’t like seeing myself in pictures. Now that I love and embrace my body, I also learned that I love taking pictures of myself smiling and laughing. And the more I see my physical flaws every day, the more I fall in love with them. Other people’s words no longer matter to me. You would know if people are nice if they chose to shut their mouths when they don’t have good things to say about others.

Enjoying Little Things in Life

I didn’t know that little things in life should be enjoyed. I just realized that when I turned 20, almost 8 years ago now. No one ever told me about that! Not even my mom. Knowing some simple ways how to live a happy life would be useful when I’m feeling sad, frustrated, or just simply bored. When your heart is happy, people would notice it. It will reflect on what you say or do. I easily get upset and mad before. And not knowing the reasons why made me more irritated with myself.

The key to a good life is learning to be contented and be grateful for what you have but still aim for the better things. That’s what I’m learning now. I wish they taught in school too how living in the present is essential too. 

These are just some of the things I wish they taught in school but there are some that I haven’t mentioned and that doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant. I guess some are just part of human instincts and it’s a kind of mystery that we need to figure out ourselves.

Thank you so much for reading! 


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